A fee receipt, 1945.

I can’t help wondering how much this school charges for monthly tuition nowadays, if it still exists.

And I wonder if anyone can tell me what the present-day equivalent of two Indian rupees would be 🙂

fee receipt

Abbaji, please translate what is written next to ‘Received from’  🙂

12 thoughts on “A fee receipt, 1945.

  1. Thanks for another edition of “Days of yore.
    A quick calculation tells me that what cost Rs. 2.00 in 1948 would cost Rs. 90.46 in 2011 which is an increase of 4423.00%. Since this is a school run partly by a charitable trust and partly funded by the state, the tuition fees would not be more than Rs. 150/-.

  2. my calculation says its somewhere around Rs 302
    considering the avg inflation rate is 7.9% for the last 50 years

  3. Mamuwala M.T.

    Really interesting. Your Abbaji really seems to be digging deep down on his treasure hunt. I hope he finds more treasure.


  4. Gold was $35 ounce in 1948. Today it is around $1535 – an increase of 4385%. 2 rupees would be around 87.71 rupees today. The old receipt itself would however be worth much more – at least in my estimate.

    1. Thanks for the comment Mansur bhai 🙂 4385% is a huge leap! Finance and figures have never been my strong suit so I appreciate the feedback…hahah!
      You’re right of course, this receipt is a historical treasure 🙂

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