Those were the days..

Some of those legendary Marvi family outings that my mother always reminisces so nostalgically about….three families loaded on to three cars, then off for a day long picnic somewhere far away from Marriott road, old Karachi….happy, youthful times, of simple values and easygoing abundance, a very-young Pakistan of the 50’s.

Most outings and picnics happened somewhere off the highway to Hyderabad in farmhouses on grassy, tree-shaded spots. The Hub river and dam was my grandfather’s favorite place to visit, Dhabeji was another in the outskirts of Karachi near Thatta, as was Gharo. There were resthouses for families to camp for the day, family elders with their respective broods, people known as being ‘Karachi na jhoona’……the old Bohra families that have inhabited this part of the province since ages.



Mummy is the one in a white dupatta in the centre of the door frame, perhaps 18 years old….the rest are seven siblings and assorted cousins and one maternal uncle holding first child in arms.
Here, Mummy is the last young girl standing in the back row towards the right
Mummy, first one standing on the left….always managing to look a bit unconventional , probably wearing an outfit she made herself
Mummy is the second one from the left. Next to her is her eldest sister Rubab, next to whom is the second eldest, Maimoona. The location seems to be Ziarat, Quaid e Azam’s residence..
Somewhere near Hyderabad presumably. Mummy bang in the middle smiling at the camera, arms on the railing.
Last one on the right is Mummy dear. The group being the usual suspects, a merry band of siblings and cousins.




“There are few things so pleasant as a picnic eaten in perfect comfort.” ~ W. Somerset Maugham

9 thoughts on “Those were the days..

  1. A post after a long time. Enjoyed as usual. Those were the days of close knit extended families.

    1. I believe there has been a lapse of 7-8 years 🙂 so glad you enjoyed! Had a little pile of tiny, very old prints in a box……felt it was time for them to see the light 🙂

    1. I remember a popular Pakistani singer had done a cover of this song and it is reminiscent of,the 70’s. But I had been chatting with my youngest uncle (the tiniest one in the photos if you can spot him) and he just used the phrase ‘those were the days’ to describe his nostalgia….and I knew that had to be the title of this blog post 🙂

    1. My pleasure Aunty Uta, glad you stopped by ❤ hope you're well! I've been missing in action for a long time ….but I know you have been blogging faithfully through all this time 🙂

  2. Looking at these pictures I really wish time machines existed. Nothing like a real trip down memory lane.

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