Those were the days..

Some of those legendary Marvi family outings that my mother always reminisces so nostalgically about….three families loaded on to three cars, then off for a day long picnic somewhere far away from Marriott road, old Karachi….happy, youthful times, of simple values and easygoing abundance, a very-young Pakistan of the 50’s. Most outings and picnics happened … More Those were the days..

The Protagonists

19th September marked the 50th anniversary of Mummy and AJ’s wedding. The year was 1964. A young good-looking man, on his way to work, would pass by a certain balcony on Marriott Road. Unbeknownst to him, a pair of shapely eyes would wait to catch glimpses. No words nor glances were ever exchanged. So imagine … More The Protagonists

What’s the connection between Bartle Frere, AJ and Mummy?

Sir Henry Bartle Edward Frere was appointed the Commissioner of Sind in 1850. He issued a decree in 1851, making it compulsory to use Sindhi language in place of Persian in Sind. The officers of Sind were ordered to learn Sindhi compulsorily to enable them to carry on day-to-day work efficiently. He went on to … More What’s the connection between Bartle Frere, AJ and Mummy?

Fugitives!~1952….a story of migration (2/2)

The Sessions Court of Mehsana ordered AJ and Nanima to leave Sidhpur with immediate effect…….this meant that they could not even return home to collect their belongings. What if they were arrested…..?  Deeming it too risky, they abandoned all thoughts of going back to Sidhpur, travelling instead directly to Ahmedabad from Mehsana….with only the clothes … More Fugitives!~1952….a story of migration (2/2)